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GenresAnimation, Comedy

Time00 h 22 min

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Keywordsdog, baby, Rhode Island, anthropomorphism, dysfunctional family, talking dog, sexual innuendo, sexual reference, adult animation, animal as human, homicidal baby

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Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater

Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater Episode no. 1

Peter changes for the worse after he and Lois inherit a mansion in Newport.

Holy Crap

Holy Crap Episode no. 2

Peter's ultra-religious father causes trouble when he comes to live with the family.

Da Boom

Da Boom Episode no. 3

The Griffins survive a Y2K atomic holocaust and attempt to rebuild civilization.

Brian in Love

Brian in Love Episode no. 4

Brian suffers from a mid-life crisis that may be due to unrequited love.

Love Thy Trophy

Love Thy Trophy Episode no. 5

Everyone on Spooner Street becomes enemies when a trophy they all won mysteriously goes missing; Meg makes extra tips.. Read more

Death Is a Bitch

Death Is a Bitch Episode no. 6

To avoid paying an expensive hospital bill, Peter says he's dead on the sign-out sheet. When chasing Peter down, Death.. Read more

The King Is Dead

The King Is Dead Episode no. 7

Peter takes over Lois' production of The King and I.

I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar

I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar Episode no. 8

When Peter is sued for sexual harassment, he is forced to attend a woman's retreat for sensitivity training, and soon.. Read more

If I'm Dyin' I'm Lyin'

If I'm Dyin' I'm Lyin' Episode no. 9

Peter's attempt to un-cancel a TV show gets him worshiped as a god.

Running Mates

Running Mates Episode no. 10

Peter and Lois face off in a school board election.

A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Bucks

A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Bucks Episode no. 11

Chris' artwork gets discovered by a famous critic.

Fifteen Minutes of Shame

Fifteen Minutes of Shame Episode no. 12

Meg's plan to embarrass her family backfires.

Road to Rhode Island

Road to Rhode Island Episode no. 13

Brian and Stewie have to make their way across the US.

Let's Go to the Hop

Let's Go to the Hop Episode no. 14

Peter goes undercover to stop a toad-licking epidemic.

Dammit Janet

Dammit Janet Episode no. 15

Stewie discovers love at the day care center.

There's Something About Paulie

There's Something About Paulie Episode no. 16

Peter has to repay a mafia debt by playing babysitter for Big Fat Paulie.

He's Too Sexy for His Fat

He's Too Sexy for His Fat Episode no. 17

Liposuction turns Peter beautiful, but insufferable.

E. Peterbus Unum

E. Peterbus Unum Episode no. 18

Peter's home becomes an independent nation and goes to war with the US.

The Story on Page One

The Story on Page One Episode no. 19

Meg gets the lead story in her school paper, but it's not the one she wrote.

Wasted Talent

Wasted Talent Episode no. 20

Peter becomes a master pianist as long as he's drunk.

Fore, Father

Fore, Father Episode no. 21

Peter becomes a golf mentor to Cleveland's son.

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thychou 2018-10-03 12:00

well, I'm enjoying it!


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It's good quality?


admin 2016-03-14 17:14

Yes it is.


divxvore 2016-02-24 01:30

well, I'm enjoying it!


cassandra2000 2013-08-04 03:00

It's good quality?


admin 2013-08-05 06:44

Yes it is.


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well, I'm enjoying it!


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well, I'm enjoying it!


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well, I'm enjoying it!


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ldz Milamber

ldz Milamber 2005-09-21 07:30

well, I'm enjoying it!


blablast 2003-03-02 09:00

well, I'm enjoying it!


pedrolito84 2003-02-12 21:00

if you have the codec its in great quality, but the sound could be better, but good enough!


gawor 2000-07-23 22:30

well, I'm enjoying it!


yanliz-kurt 2000-07-05 10:30

Pretty bad DVD rip its way out of focus coverted badly : /


Seth MacFarlaneSeth MacFarlane
Peter Griffin
Alex BorsteinAlex Borstein
Lois Griffin
Seth GreenSeth Green
Chris Griffin
Mila KunisMila Kunis
Meg Griffin
Mike HenryMike Henry
Cleveland Brown
Danny SmithDanny Smith
Jim Kaplan
John VienerJohn Viener
TV Announcer
Patrick WarburtonPatrick Warburton
Joe Swanson
Alec SulkinAlec Sulkin
Jesus Christ
Ralph GarmanRalph Garman


Seth MacFarlaneSeth MacFarlane
David ZuckermanDavid Zuckerman

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