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'Doctor Who' in America

With all of the universe to explore, what keeps bringing the Doctor back to America? We uncover the Doctor's special relationship with the US, from Daleks on the streets of New York to robot gunslingers in the Wild West. The ... more

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Time00 h 44 min

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Subtitles nameLanguageAddedUsedSize
'Doctor Who' in America  United States2016-12-26345 x Download Subs 117.3 Kb
'Doctor Who' in America  United States2017-01-16311 x Download Subs 103.5 Kb
'Doctor Who' in America  United States2017-01-09403 x Download Subs 108.1 Kb
'Doctor Who' in America  English2017-01-021921 x Download Subs 92 Kb
'Doctor Who' in America  English2016-12-191461 x Download Subs 80.5 Kb
'Doctor Who' in America  French2016-07-22541 x Download Subs 126.5 Kb
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User comments and questions


tips 2016-12-13 02:04

Watched all the way through with VLC no issues with sound or video on my rig except for a freeze frame once or twice.


ColinCampbell 2016-11-02 04:08

Thanks for the UP


megalo 2016-09-22 06:12

The video is very good in the circumstances. The uploaded should be thankful for the effort.


camilledu22 2016-08-12 08:16

Quality Ok. Def. NOT a Blue Ray ..the video itself. was an incoherent mess with missing scenes. corny dialogue and cheesy deaths. some nice combat scenes.. all in all one of the worst movies I have seen lately. nonetheless. thank you uploader and thank you seeders. your efforts are always appreciated.


zorrod 2014-10-23 13:02

Does anybody have the english subtitles of this video? Thanks.


admin 2014-10-24 20:51

Subtitles are hardcodec into video


Passsager55 2014-09-12 15:06

thanks i have waiting this long time thanks again and again


Charlie 2014-08-02 17:10

well, I'm enjoying it!


condor 2014-06-22 19:14

Fast download, superb image, great audio. I really loved watching it. Crystal clear image :)

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